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Download the Powerpoint presentation “Celebrities who defied God.pps” on the following link and then think a bit to see if it makes sense.


Everyone knows I'm not really fond of religion, but I always tried to accept and respect the belief of all, when that belief isn’t absurd, and when not affect those who do not share with it. If that happens, I think it is
normal to exchange ideas, to criticize what I consider illogical and defend my position.

It turns out that now I have to assume the opposite role. After receiving about five or six times this attachment, I can not shut my outrage at the disrespect and contempt that there is done against God. They say you play the role of "devil's advocate" when he defends interest contrary to usual. but I'll do here the role of "counsel of God" because I can not accept such a sacrilege.

All religions (particularly Christianity) claim, proclaim and ensure that the basis of all is the tremendous, immense, immeasurable love that God has for all humanity in general and for every human being in particular. God loves us all and each of one so completely that we can not even imagine. Am I right?

God loves us so much that he sent his only beloved son to suffer terribly and die a most painful way for the sole purpose of saving us, purging our sins. Jesus, after being flogged, go through the ordeal, have the crown of thorns stuck in his head, having the rib pierced by a spear and have the wrists and feet pierced by nails that kept him hanging on the cross to die, even showed us his love asking God "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

That's love! After all these unbelievable cruelty, he still has for his captors a love so infinite that intercedes on their behalf asking that they be forgiven. I think this is the idea that most have about the meaning of the word "God."

Who made this presentation certainly would aim to honor the immense power of God and unbelievers to instill fear in the disastrous consequences that could have potential for offending God. To do this, recounts examples of disasters that have resulted from human actions disrespectful to the creator.

The author's first example is what happened to John Lennon. Lennon said the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ!
That's right, God has an immense love, infinite, immeasurable for all of us and John Lennon as well. Hanging on the cross, he asked the Father to forgive those who tortured and killed. That's love. But the outrage of John Lennon saying that she was more famous, then this also is too much and not even God can stand. After all, he has to preserve his name and fame.If Lennon had whipped, made to carry the cross at Calvary, nailed to a crown of thorns on his head, pierced his ribs with a spear, given vinegar to drink when he asked for water, so Jesus could ask for your forgiveness.But to say that he is most famous, there is no comparison. It could even have given Lennon a less severe punishment, but between the infinite love and vanity you has no way to pass up.


In the second example describes how Tancredo Neves said that "if he got 500 votes from his party (PDS), not even God would remove him from Presidency." Do you think God could let such a pass? Love, love, politics apart. Underestimated the power of God?


And so it follows, demonstrating and proving the infinite love of God, since no one doubts his power and hurt his pride and his vanity.

The most stupid, idiotic and silliest of all is given in the sinking of the Titanic.
Interviewed by a reporter, the builder of the ship would have claimed that "not even God could sink my ship". Result of vanity and arrogance of the constructor: the Titanic collided with an iceberg on its maiden voyage, sank, killing 1532 innocent people!
That's right, the price was high in the deaths of men, women, children and elderly innocent that had nothing to do with the statements of the builder, but God thought it was after all a very reasonable price to be paid to prove to the builder the Titanic he did have enough power to sink the Titanic ...

My God! What a jerk!

To say that God did it is like comparing God to any head of smoke-mouth in Rio's favelas and conclude that these criminals have for their fellow men a love greater than God. God has to preserve his authority at any price. It has to be proud, vain, intolerant, radical, ruthless, unjust, full of anger at those who do not respect him.
Go be so dumb and stupid in… (Sorry, I almost said the dirt word that do not match the intent of this caste and religious message of praise to God).But it would be an adequate expression to the author of the presentation...

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