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Does God exist? - 2


 I apologize for not knowing how to express myself clearly and intelligibly. I used the term "entity" to refer to God, when in fact I do not consider him to be an "entity", ", a "consciousness" or a "personality." That would be anthropomorphism. When I refer to God, I mean the force that gave rise to the universe about which I think we are unable to even formulate an idea of what it is. 
Actually, I do not believe in any of the hypotheses raised and that we can organize under the labels: 1) Theist, 2) Polytheistic, 3) Deist, 4) Pantheistic, 5) Agnostic and 6) Atheist. 

1.            Theist are those who believe in a God creator of all, loving, attentive to our lives and that in the end of times will judge each person, giving him the deserved fate for all eternity. The three major monotheistic religions are: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all derived from the person of Abraham and sharing the Old Testament.
2.            Polytheist are those who believes not only in one but in many gods, as in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Scandinavia, etc.. Currently almost only Hinduism is a polytheistic religion.
3.            Deist is the belief that a mystical entity created the universe and established its laws, but henceforth to no more follow or interfer with the physical world, completely ignoring the human race and letting things go their way in accordance with the laws established.
4.            Pantheist  does not recognize the existence of a personality or consciousness that would have created the universe. Do not believe in a supernatural God. It has, instead, a huge admiration for everything that exists, but uses the word God not as a supernatural synonym for Nature, or the Universe, or to the order that governs its operation.
5.            Agnostic is one who believes it is impossible to ever reach a conclusion on the matter and that there is not higher or lower probability in relation to the veracity of the various schools.
6.            Atheist, finally, is one who denies the existence of God, either as an entity or as a set of laws and natural phenomena. Recognizes the existence of these laws and these phenomena, but flatly denies that they were created by an intelligent force. As long as I know, are only atheists the religions Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

I said I do not believe in any of the cases, but of course it just means I have no faith in any of them, but certainly one must be true. I gave the impression of being only Deist, but I admit Atheism. As for Pantheism, I believe it is only a romantic and bucolic way of looking at nature, thrilling with the laws and phenomena, but is really an atheist. For many years I declared myself Agnostic, but abandoned that label when I realized it is just "to stay on the fence" and did not commit. I do not think that all hypotheses have the same probability of being correct. So I am between Deism and Atheism (the latter has the absolute conviction of the inexistence of God and in that sense it is as fanatical as Theism). As for Theism and Polytheism I consider tiny their probabilities. 
Faith and science can never coexist. They are antagonistic.
Faith is to believe and be sure of anything without proof. You just believe because you believe. On the other hand, science formulates theories based only on observations and seeks to confirm or dismiss this theory by experimental practice. Science is always seeking to enhance or change the knowledge, refuting a theory when it shows failure. If a dogma of the church come some day to be confirmed by experiments, it will cease to be a dogma of religion and becomes a scientific theory that is subject to be confirmed or rejected by future experiences and knowledge.
That's why I have qualified so convinced atheism and theism as fanatics. 
It is currently widely successful the theory that the Big-Bang occurred about 13.7 billion years. Before the Big-Bang, there was not the complex space-time that is (currently) winning . The theory that the universe came into existence at the time the Big-Bang occured. It was created by the Big-Bang and we do not know what caused this phenomenon.
Thus, there was no time before the Big-Bang, and there was no space and you can never say something "always existed", may this something be the Universe or God. What started the Big-Bang was an unknown phenomenon, because before the Big-Bang there was not anything physical, whether space, time, matter and energy and this phenomenon could not be physical as we know the physics. We can call this non-physical phenomenon only metaphorically God. 


      Alzir Fraga

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