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Does God exist?


Internet is not just for the humor.
This is a serious philosophical issue. Read to the end.

I usually receive many messages and some religious always come, dealing with God. I think that if everyone has the right to disseminate their beliefs and their arguments, I also have.
I read your messages, accept what I consider reasonable and reject what I think is illogical, but don´t even think about getting bored with someone just because he has different opinions from mine. On the contrary, I do not consider myself the owner of the truth and I would love to receive some challenging arguments, bringing others and showing the reality from another perspective. I may be completely wrong about it and radically change my opinion.
I respect the belief of each one and hope to receive the same treatment.
I am quoting one of the following messages received by me and follow my thinking about it. Be patient.


A man went into a barber to cut his hair and started a dialogue with person who attended.
Quickly began talking about the subject of God.
The barber says:
I do not believe God exists, like you said.
Why do you say that? Questioned the customer ...

It is very easy to go out on the street and we realize that God does not exist.
O. .. tell me, by any chance if God existed, would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children?
If God existed, there would be no such pain or suffering to humanity.
I can not think that there is a God who permits all these things.
The client was silent thinking, and would not respond to avoid a discussion.
When finished the haircut, the customer left the establishment and saw a man with beard and long hair.
Again entered the barber shop and told the barber:
- You know what? Barbers do not exist.
- How? If here I am.
- No. ..! says the customer. They if they existed, there would not be people with hair and beard as big as that of this man.
- The barbers do exist, these people do not come to see me.
- Exactly ...! said the client. This is the point.
God exists, what happens is that people do not go out to him, do not seek him. That´s why there is so much pain and misery.
And the barber was silent thinking ...

Send it in 7 minutes for all your friends!
If it is true that you love God a miracle will happen to you tonight. Do not ignore because God is always watching you. And if you believe in Him then send to all the people to start believing in God from now on, please.


 There are three issues on which it is no use trying to convince others because we'll never be able to change their beliefs: football, politics and religion.
I've said in previous message that I would be incapable of mock or ridicule someone for their soccer team, his or her political persuasion or religious belief, but I would seriously discuss using arguments about any subject, including football, politics and religion.

Philosophizing about the existence of God is not just believe or disbelieve in his existence. A lot of people have been given the gift of faith. This is great for them because they are not in doubt and seeking the truth. They already found the truth. But they found their truth, because faith is believing without evidence, without proof and experiments. Believing absolutely and not accepting any hypothesis or argument that might contradict their beliefs.
Faith can either be in God's existence and in its absence. Both groups have absolute certainty that they are right and that all those who think differently are wrong. Certainly one of the two groups is wrong, or perhaps both groups are wrong, because there are not only these two hypotheses.
These are the assumptions that we have raised and organized under the labels of 1) Theism, 2) Polytheism, 3) Deism; 4) Pantheism, 5) Agnosticism and 6) Atheism.

1) Theistic would be one who believes in God as creator of all, loving, attentive to our lives and in the end of times will judge each person, giving him the deserved fate for eternity. There are 3 major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all derived from the person of Abraham and sharing the Old Testament.
2) Polytheistic believes that there is not just one, but many gods, as in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Scandinavia, etc.. Currently almost only Hinduism is a polytheistic religion.
3) Deist would be the belief that a deity created the universe and created its laws, but from then on no more learned or interfered in the physical world, completely ignoring the human race and letting things go their way in accordance with the laws that set.
4) Pantheistic is the person that does not recognize the existence of a personality or consciousness that would have created the universe. Do not believe in a supernatural God. It has, instead, a great admiration for everything that exists, but God is used as a synonym for non-supernatural nature or the universe, or to order governing its operation.
5) Agnostic is one who believes it is impossible to ever reach a conclusion on the matter and that there is likely the same chance in relation to the veracity of the various strains.
6) Atheist, finally, is the one who denies the existence of God, either as an entity or as a set of laws and natural phenomena. Recognizes the existence of these laws and these phenomena, but flatly denies having been created by an intelligent force. To my knowledge, the only religions that accept atheism (or better non-theists) are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism


This story of the barber is very nice, but I think the argument used by the customer does not invalidate the reasoning of the barber. God allows sickness, misery, hunger and everything else that is bad because people do not seek him, said the customer. This shows that the fault is not of God but of the people who do not seek him.
What then to think about the children who are born blind, with Down syndrome defective and deformed even as the victims of thalidomide were born without both arms and both legs?
Were they born so because they did not seek God as they were forming in the womb or God wanted to punish their parents and for this condemned the innocent to have a life completely miserable?
If God exists and only allows poverty, disease, injury and misfortune because people do not seek him, then in a catastrophe only atheists and infidels should die and all believers should be saved.
When that happens and someone is saved states that it was "thanks to God", but what about those who did not escape? Were they all atheists or infidels?
All diseases only happen because patients did not seek God?
We know that in the real world occurrence of all misfortunes independends completely on the victim has not sought God. This tips the argument of the customer.

Moreover, the barber cuts the hair of those who seek him, but it was not him who determined that the hair grows and he has no power to order the hair not to grow anymore. God, by definition, is all powerful and created all that exists. It was him who created and he could by a mere act of will to end up with viruses and bacteria of all diseases, polio to smallpox, from AIDS to influenza virus.
Why does not he do it?

But let us admit that all this was true. Poverty, disease, accidents, crimes, pedophilia only happen because the victims do not 
sought God. Just seek him and all evil will cease. This seems speech by Bishop Edir Macedo (a corrupt religios of Brazil). Give your money to the church that your life will change and all your problems will be resolved.
I can not accept such an anthropomorphic figure of God.

It is prosopopoeia to assign human qualities and defects to inanimate objects animals, or beings other than man.
If you recognize the value and importance of God, worship him and pray five times a day prostrating on the floor and turned towards Mecca, you will be protected by him, but if you do not bow down to him, God will leave you to your own luck. The same course would have the God of Christianity with worship, masses, processions, homage and adoration.

With Jehovah the situation is more serious. Anyone who has read the Bible is unlikely to have found someone to be more despicable that Jehovah:  jealous and proud; controller, petty, unfair and uncompromising; genocidal ethnic, vindictive, bloodthirsty and fond of the smell of burnt flesh (the burning sheep as sacrifices which aroused the jealousy of Cain against Abel); tracker misogyny, homophobic, racist, infanticidal and pestilence (like the seven plagues of Egypt), megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic and malevolent. Came to order Abraham, 100 years old, to sacrifice the only son he had with his wife and only stopped when he became convinced that Abraham was actually about to do his bidding. This just to test if he would be obeyed.
This demonstrates vanity, narcissism, a desire to see you all yielding tributes as the dictator of North Korea . To requests from supporters he listen and solve their problems, but those are not his supporters may damn.

Imagine, with John Lennon, a world without religion. Imagine the world without suicide attacks, New York without the 11/09, London without the 7/7, without Crusades, no witch hunts, without the Gunpowder Plot, no partition between India and Muslim Pakistan, with no wars between Israelis and Palestinians, without massacres Serb / Croat / Muslim, without the Jews chase as "Christ killers" without the IRA in Northern Ireland without murders in the name of honor, without evangelical television wearing a shiny suit, hair full of grease and taking money from the gullible. Imagine the world without the Taliban to blow up ancient statues, no public beheadings of blasphemers and campfire heretics and witches, without the scourge of female skin for the crime of having shown a centimeter. Indeed, the wonderful song by John Lennon sometimes is performed in the United States with the phrase "and no religion too 'expurgated.
One version came to the affront to replace it with "and one religion too".

I'm not saying that there is no God!

I think its very unlikely that the universe was originated in the Big-Bang without any reason, without cause, because the complex space-time only exists because of the existence of matter. How could that happen that in no place (there was no space) in no time (there was no time) and for no reason (there was no matter or energy) occurs an inconceivable explosion that creates a hundred billion galaxies, each containing a hundred billion stars, not counting the visible matter is minimal when compared to black holes and dark matter? Not to think that if there is matter, antimatter must exist theoretically in equal amount.

We know from Einstein's E = mc2. Energy is equal to the matter multiplied by the square of the speed of light (300,000 km / s). Imagine the amount of energy needed to create all matter in the universe!

If there was no matter, there was no energy, there was no space and no time. If there was nothing physical, then why was created this entire matter, all that energy, space and time? It can only have been by a non-physical cause. That non-physical reason is what I call God!

But God, be it as it is, has nothing to do with the picture that is taught by all religions. These almost only serve to motivate violence, war, terror and genocide. It was in the name of God that always occurred and continues to occur the greatest misfortunes. We consider repulsive attitude of Muslim fanatics who practice jihad as bombers. Kill themselves in order to kill more infidels and they are reward is in the form of 72 virgins awaiting him in heaven. If he died exploding with huge loads of dynamite or C4, what will he do the virgins if your penis is broken? And even if you have as astral penis, What to do with the 72 after they are no longer virgins?
Nobody can stand it!

So should I believe in God?

If it's in a good God who loves us very much, that accompanies each moment of our lives and is saddened by our sins and happy with our virtues, which wishes to be recognized and adored, that wants processions, sacrifices, pilgrimages, fasting in Ramadan, which has a cutoff of priests, pastors, rabbis, archangels, angels and in the end times will judge us and reward or punish the life we had, so I do not believe in God.

If it is a non-physical entity existing independent of matter and this entity gave cause 13,7 billion years ago to the Big-Bang that created matter, energy, space and time, creating the universe in such form and with such physical laws that would bring results in the formation of galaxies, nebulas, stars, pulsars, neutron stars and black holes. That each atom different from hydrogen of our bodies would be formed inside stars super giants and supernovae that exploded in these helium atoms, carbon, nitrogen, iron and other elements, and eventually joining and forming planets like ours, which at first had the atmosphere formed by ammonia and methane, but this was the ideal environment for the emergence of life under the action of electrical discharges. That life would form algae that absorb these gases, fixing carbon and releasing nitrogen and oxygen and starting the evolution of species by survival of the fittest as the law of Darwin. That God does not keep and guard our lives and do not attend the prayers and prayer requests and does not cause miracles, then I believe in God.

We must have the humility to becoming conscious that if he really exists, God is an entity so incredibly superior to us that there isn´t the slightest possibility that we may understand what God is, what´s its nature and what are his intentions.
It is much more than wanting an amoeba or a protozoon to understand Einstein's Relativity Theory.
We must acknowledge God as something so inconceivably intelligent, so immensely powerful and so incredibly different from everything that our finite mind can imagine it is a waste of time and reason for antagonism, exploitation and massacres accept and try to spread or impose dogmas, the basic and undeniable claims of any religion, whether it is heaven, hell, sin, reincarnation or whatever.

Each one must live up to its principles of decency, honesty, charity, tolerance and all that has been transmitted through generations as positive values just because you think this is the right way to behave and not because you fear God's punishment, or Karma or hell.


Alzir Fraga


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